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Purchase Questions and Questions from Registered User

Q: What are the benefits to register?

A: The product is a shareware. You can try the evaluation copy for free for 15 days. If you want to keep this handy tool after the trial period, you can register it. The advantage for registration:

1. You will get your own license name/code to activate the full version of the product after registration.
2. All users will get free email support, however, the support request from registered users are always take priority.
3. Registered user will get free upgrade and support during the subscription. (That means, if you subscribe the product for one year, you will get all upgrade during the year for free. If you subscribe the product for life time, you will get all future upgrade for free for ever)

Q: How much does it costs to register?

A: The registration fee for this product is 29.95$ for a single user license with one year subscription. You can also purchase the life time subscription option with additional 17.5$. If you have multiple computers, we have a family license pack (89.5$) which let you use the product on up to 5 computers for life time (Family license with life time subscription)

Q: How to register the product?

A: The easiest way to register the product is to place the order online with credit card. We accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Eurocard and PayPal. For offline order, we also accept check/money order in postal mail and purchase order. All transactions is 100% secure and safe. For details about the purchase options, please click the following link:

Detailed instructions for how to register the product

Q: How to input the license name and code after purchase?
Q: Where to download the full version of the product after purchase?

A: Please click below link for detailed instructions for where to download the full version and how to enter your license code:

Detailed Instructions for how to enter the license code

Q: I am a registered user, but I lost the reg code, how can I get it again?

A: Please email us at with your order ID and we will email you the reg code again free of charge. If you cannot remember the order ID, please provide the email you used to order, your full name and other useful information which can be used to identify your order.

Q: I purchased version 2.xx or 3.xx, how to upgrade to the latest version?

A: To upgrade to the latest version, please download the latest version from our website and install it. The installation program will take care of the upgrading and your original reg code will be recognized automatically. (Please make sure your subscription is not expired)

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