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Q: Where to download the full version of the product after purchase?
Q: How to input the license name and code after purchase?

There is no separate full version of the program. The trial version only works for 15 days and has the limitation of only fixing 10 registry problems each time. After the purchase, you will get a license name and code pair which can be used to activate your trial version into the full version (and thus remove all the limitations in the trial version).

1. If you haven't install the trial version of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner, please download it from our download page and install it, otherwise, just skip this step.

Note: If you are using a version prior to v4.00, please first uninstall the current version from control panel -- add/remove programs, restart the computer, then download and install the latest version of our product from download page.

2. In trial mode, when you run CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner, you will get a dialog like below each time you run it. Please click the "Enter Registration Code" button.

If you don't see the above dialog, you will see the main application window like:

Please click the "Product Information" button in the left pane (in the position as in the red circle of above image). After that, you will see the following window.

Please click the "Enter Registration Information" button and you will see the dialog in step 3.

3. After clicking the "Enter Registration Code" button, you will see the following dialog.

4. After purchase, you will get your license name/code pair in your order confirmation page and order confirmation email. The license name and pair looks like following:

*** Registration Information ***
License Name: Rick Davis
License Code:  AA2C-95BC-ACA3-AD34-738C-CC70-6C50-EB28-D66A-167A-3AB6-D9D1

or it may be called as Serial Number like:

Serial Number Name: Rick Davis
Serial Number:  AA2C-95BC-ACA3-AD34-738C-CC70-6C50-EB28-D66A-167A-3AB6-D9D1

Please use your own license name and code to fill the dialog above and then click OK button. The program will automatically start if your input the right name & code and you will see your name listed as the licensed user in the right bottom of the program window.

Note: If you get a message "Invalid user name and reg code pair" after inputting the code, please make sure:

1. You are using CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner version 4.00 or later. If you are using an earlier version, that version might not recognize the license code. You can download the latest version from our download page.

2. You input the code exactly the same as the one sent to you. Please make sure to include both the digits and hyphens in the code.  Please also note there is no O(Open) in the code and it only contains 0(zero).

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