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CleanMyPC™ Registry Cleaner includes the startup manager which let you easily view and manage your Windows startup programs.

Many users have the feeling that there are too many programs in their systems which will start automatically when Windows starts.

During system startup, Windows automatically loads many programs into memory. Some of them works in the background, some waits for user action as an icon on the taskbar (system tray). All of them use your computer's resources like memory and CPU time. With the startup manager in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner, you can manage those startup programs in an easy way.

Those startup programs are stored in many separate locations, so it is not easy to locate them all manually. Our startup manager are just for you and it will give you a central view for all startup programs in a central place.

Features of the built-in Startup Manager in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner

  • View the detailed information for each startup program in an easy way (including the program name, path, company information, product information and copyright information)
  • Enable/Disable/Delete those annoying programs from running in the taskbar when you start Windows.
  • Frees up memory so your computer runs faster!

    How to use the Startup Manager in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner?

    1. Click the "Startup Organizer" (Startup Manager) icon in the left navigation pane.

    2. In the right pane, you will get a list for all startup programs in your system. (That list includes the startup programs specified in your registry keys and startup groups.)

    3. You can view the detailed information for each startup program by clicking it. You can also disable/delete/enable it from the right click menu if you want.

    In short, the startup manager in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner let you organize the startup programs in your system with ease and optimize your system performance.

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