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Basic Knowledge of Windows Registry and Registry Cleaner

What is the Windows registry?
The Windows Registry is the place on your PC where Windows stores information it might need to retrieve later. For example, when you open an application or change a system setting, the information is stored in the Windows registry. The registry contains profiles for each user, the applications installed on the computer and the types of documents they create, what hardware exists on the system, and the resources being used. The Windows registry consists of registry hives.

Why should I clean my registry?
Over time, the Windows Registry can begin to contain information that's no longer valid or no longer useful. Maybe you uninstalled an application without using the Add or Remove Programs function in the Control Panel, or perhaps an object or file in the registry got moved. Eventually this orphaned or misplaced information accumulates and begins to clog your registry, potentially slowing down your system and causing error messages and system crashes. You might also notice that your PC's startup process is slower than it used to be. Cleaning your registry with a reliable registry cleaner is the easiest way to help avoid these common problems.

Can't I just delete registry items on my own?
We don't recommend trying to remove registry items on your own. It's often difficult to determine which items correspond to which applications, and by attempting to remove items yourself, you might accidentally remove a valid registry item, causing software crashes and errors. CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner is a safe and effective tool to clean your Windows Registry.

What if the registry cleaner removes something I need in my registry?
Don't worry. Our registry cleaner has two layers of backup function which will help in this situation. Layer 1, it has a full registry backup/restore function. You can create a full system registry backup with our registry cleaner. If you need restore the registry some times later, you can just use the full registry restore function to restore it. Layer 2, our registry cleaner will create a registry backup each time it makes changes to your registry after the scanning/fixing. If you found any problem in your system after cleaning, you can just undo the changes (with the undo changes function in our product) to roll back the changes.

How often should I clean my registry with CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner?
We recommend a complete registry scan/clean with our registry cleaner once per week.


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