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CleanMyPC™ Registry Cleaner now contains the privacy eraser feature!

    Why do you need privacy eraser feature?

Your computer is tracking all your activities. Anyone who can touch your computer can know the website you have visited, the web pages, images and videos you have ever seen. Just emptying the Recycle Bin and deleting the Internet cache in web browser will not protect you at all. Even your hard disk is formatted, others can know your past activities using some tools even several years later. Want to erase those tracks completely from your computer? The Privacy Eraser feature of our product will let you do it.

Remove the following tracks of your activities completely

  • Remove browser visit history
  • Remove browser cookies
  • Remove browser cache files
  • Remove browser typed URLs
  • Remove browser form AutoComplete list
  • Remove browser saved user name and password
  • Remove the hidden index.dat in Windows
  • Remove the Windows start menu -- run drop list
  • Remove the files in Windows temp folder
  • Remove the Windows recent documents list
  • Remove the files in Window recycle bin
  • Remove my network places (network neighborhood) cache
  • Remove Windows explorer find files list
  • Remove Windows explorer find computer list
  • Remove Windows Media Player Recent File List
  • Remove Microsoft Office Recent File List
  • Remove Windows WordPad / Paint Recent Files
  • Remove IrfanView / ACDSee Recent File List
  • Remove WinZip / WinRAR Recent File List
  • Remove DivX Player / RealPlayer / QuickTime and WinAMP Recent File List
  • Remove Acrobat Reader Recent File List

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