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CleanMyPC™ Registry Cleaner includes the IE Guard feature which let you defeat the browser hijack like IE homepage hijack, search page hijack.

What is browser hijack?

You're surfing the Web, minding your own business, when something installs itself on your computer. Odds are you won't even see the crime in progress, but your homepage is now set to something that you don't want. Every time you open your browser, it navigates to some sites you even don't know (such as porn sites or whatever). What's the problem? The reality is you've been hit by a drive-by download, and some spyware/adware is installed on your computer which keeps changing your IE homepage.

IE Guard feature in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner will let you protect your IE homepage, search page and much more...

    CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner will protect against changes to the following:

  • Protect current IE Homepage
  • Protect default IE Homepage
  • Protect IE Search Page
  • Protect IE window title

    How to use IE Guard feature in CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner ?

    1. In left pane, switch to "Settings & Help" frame and click "Settings" icon in the left navigation pane.

    2. In the right pane, you will find a section named "Internet Explorer Guard", you may set your IE homepage, search page and IE window title here and guard your settings by our registry cleaner.

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