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What should you consider when choosing a registry cleaner?

Everyone wants to use the best registry cleaner. When you choose a registry cleaner, you should consider the following things.

1. What platforms the registry cleaner supports?
The best is to support all Windows versions, including Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98 & 95.

Yes, our CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner supports all above version of Windows. If you plan to upgrade to Vista in the future, our product is just for you as you don't need pay again when upgrading to Vista.

2. Does the registry cleaner support Windows x64 (64 bit) version besides the 32 bit Windows?
Even you are currently using 32 bit version Windows, you should choose a x64 compatible registry cleaner to avoid future expense on purchasing another registry cleaner again when you upgrade to x64. Our product is the first registry cleaner which is fully x64 compatible.

3. How long is the company in business?
Will you choose a product from a company which just founded last month, and maybe will be out of business next month? CleanMyPC Software is in business from 2002 and we are focusing on registry cleaner software. Our product is voted by many customers as the best registry cleaner. It saves a lot of time/money for our customers as it keeps the PC running in top performance and error free.

4. The Product Feature List
The core feature of a registry cleaner is registry cleaning. Besides this, the registry compacting, registry defrag function is also very useful. A good registry cleaner will also contains the full registry backup/restore feature.

Our CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner features registry scanning/fixing, full registry backup/restore, registry defrag and registry compacting. Our best registry cleaner is the all-in-one solution for registry maintaining.

Besides the above, the privacy eraser and startup/BHO manager feature are great addon for the product.

5. Some registry cleaner finds more problems than others, does it mean it is better?
The general answer is NO. Some registry cleaner may find more so called errors than our product, but many of them are just false positives. It picks some legality registry items as wrong item so the total items found looks much more. Please remember deleting a useful registry item is much worse than without registry cleaner. The safety of the registry cleaner is the most important fact when you make the decision. Our product has a smart scanning engine for registry analyzing so it only picks the incorrect registry items. This is the most important for the best registry cleaner.

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Why we believe CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner is the best registry cleaner in the market.

Please see below for the product comparison chart and I believe you will agree our opinions for best registry cleaner.

Registry Cleaner
Other Registry Cleaner  A Other Registry Cleaner  B
 Platform Supported      
 Support 32 bit Windows
 Support 64 bit Windows (x64)    
 Support Windows Vista
 Vista Registry Cleaner
 Product Features      
 Check Registry Integrity  
 Full Registry Backup/Restore    
 Check Application Path Keys
 Check Windows Fonts Keys
 Check COM/ActiveX keys  
 Check Shared DLL Keys
 Check Uninstall Entries  
 Check Windows Startup Items  
 Check Help Files Keys
 Check File Extensions Keys  
 Check History List Keys  
 Scan both 32 and 64 bit view of system
 registry on x64 (x64 Registry Cleaner)
 Windows Startup Manager    
 BHO Organizer    
 Built-in Scheduler  
 Registry Defrag/Registry Compact    
 Kill Trojans and Spywares which use
 registry to spread and do damage
 Fix IE homepage hijack and IE search
 page hijack
 Privacy Eraser    
 Support and Upgrade options      
  Life Time Free Upgrade
  Unlimited Free technical support
 Product Price $29.95 $19.95 $34.95

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